Wings, Wheels Or Water ?

Increasingly, many of the Europeans going on holiday, thinking about how not to fly on an airplane and fly to holiday destinations on earth. As I write these lines, I'm all in premonition that tomorrow I have to be at 5.30 at the airport to catch the reys.Eto means that today we can not go one day and it was still dark, turn on the Airport Express, then queue at customs, the insane security guard, who once again demand that I took out my wallet, keys, and, in addition, more and trouser belt and shoes and walked in stocking feet, holding his pants with his free hand, so as not to fall. Ugh! But that's not all – then have to stand still for registration by rain splash to the aircraft, all to a couple of hours to do all these steps in reverse order. And all this in order to stretch out on a bed in a rented hotel room, as like as two drops of water on the one in which I lived a month ago, the last trip? All only difference between them is that the future of the hotel will be on the beach, on which, however, I still do not get, because half of my short vacation I will acclimatization. No, indeed, must be ended with the aircraft. And if I need it the most sea? Maybe you can do without the sea, and without these suspicious security guard at airports? Maybe you can not get up before dawn and do not rush headlong to the airport? Can not suffer and do not spend acclimatization mad money for a taxi to the airport at night? I think I know what to do.

It is necessary to spit on everything and not go anywhere. Find a cottage in the wilds, take it off for the entire vacation and turn off mobile telefon.Ne I need airport with his ogoltelysm service, no shops Fly & Buy. I'll buy everything that was sold to the money saved, if rent a cottage for rent on any lake in the woods or on the beach – but – not far away, so you can get in his car. And – everything. The whole vacation I'll be the happiest man. Do not believe me? Let us argue. The next vacation I take to rent a cottage in the woods by the lake. And you – go in Turkey, Egypt, in Ispaniyu.Posmotrim which one of us will rest better!

Vertical And Horizontal Blinds

Very often it happens that after repairs to the apartment, many feel it is not very comfortable, and she seems cold and empty. Design experts in such cases are advised to install the blinds. For many people, this concept Recalls boring bars on the windows, which are often used in offices. Hasten to disappoint the skeptics, because such views – it's the last century. To date, shutters are one of the most functional and modern variants of the window decorations. Blinds are a special device, which protects from light. Typically, blinds are composed of vertical or horizontal plates.

The initial task of the plates – the protection of sunlight and prying eyes, and at the same time, they leak air, which does not affect the circulation. Blinds are able to change the feelings of the person who is in the room and it does not matter what the furniture is arranged. That Blinds can create the impression of any time of day, which is most like the owner. In addition blinds can complement or correct the deficiencies interior apartment or house. Windows tend to have more thirds of the wall, which causes to focus on them. In recent years the market a huge number of various types of blinds, which could not attract the attention of designers. In addition, the blinds are easy to use, reliable and convenient. Today they are full competition curtains. With the help of shutters can be realized by any designer's idea, because they have a huge variety of styles and a whole range of colors.