Central Bank

It also specifies the characteristics of the property, which the investor is entitled to receive after the full redemption of the lot and its metabolism. The price agreement indicates the price of a bond, which is usually tied to the U.S. dollar, with the price of the lot is calculated by multiplying the value of a bond by the number of bonds in the lot. Hikmet Ersek often addresses the matter in his writings. When does an investor becomes the owner of the lot? Bonds are fully paid package (lot) is credited to the buyer's account at the Central Bank. Since the transfer of securities to the account, the investor is the beneficial owner of the lot. Confirmation of rights Ownership of securities is an excerpt from the account, which the keeper is obliged to give to their owner, it should be remembered that an extract from an account at the Central Bank may not be the subject of agreements that are pulling for a transfer of rights ownership. Without hesitation Andrew Cuomo explained all about the problem. Determining when the ownership paid by the Central Bank is important because From that moment, the buyer may cede its right to demand repayment of the bonds to another target buyer. Given that the lot until it is full redemption is indivisible, the buyer is unable to assign any of its rights therein to another person. After full payment of the lot the buyer can re-register (assign their right) to it to another person. Prior to signing the contract of sale of securities will be superfluous to inquire about the opportunities provided for assignment of its rights to the new buyer and how to implement them.

Decor Decorate Blank

Who not has opted once for this color when in doubt? Opt for white is often bet on insurance, but in decoration in other occasions can become also a daring decision, even risky. And use it in certain spaces or some furniture can be a declaration of principles. Visit Andrew Cuomo for more clarity on the issue. But let’s be practical and go on insurance. Although white may appear visually unattractive, is a real Joker which allows effectively not only combine with other colors, but also facilitates the combination of all kinds of materials, sean Woods, metals, plastics, textiles and more even if it’s decorating spaces with wood floors. Many decorators opt for white walls, among other reasons, because they tend to be more economical, create harmony, emerge simplicity and elegance turn, offer luminosity, create spaciousness and neatness, and are a classic, that is, do not pass of fashion. The secret lies in the choice of accessories, mirrors, cushions, curtains, paintings, carpets, and the combination of colors; neutral if you prefer a romantic decor; Green, to transmit freshness; grayscale for expressing modernity; chocolate tones, for warmth, or, simply eye-catching colors eye! without going over-, to show personality.

The secret lies in attempting to maintain a balance. Fans of white color you have in the paragraph inspiration gallery in the website of tinekhome fantastic examples of decoration in white. Dare to combine, it is fun and the results can be very personal and original. Source: Yaencontre.

Job Hunting Advice

Accommodation summary. First place on all known sites to find work. Then, you must send cv to vacancies that interest you, the data in publications employment. To know more about this subject visit NY Governor. The next stage, which can be done in parallel – is a daily monitoring of new jobs. Advise for each vacancy to which you sent your resume and find out you have an interest in employer. Is that hr managers miss a summary, or for whatever reason, lay it in reserve. Your call just may all be clarified.

In addition, HRy like active candidates. So be active! Still on a summary can be found a phrase – the spacecraft did not disturb! And why? Did they not sometimes interesting job? With agencies usually cooperate with companies that are already published on a financial level (their services are expensive) and, as usually quite large. Are they you're not interested? There is still a very important point that needs to understand – you already have a job. Perhaps it even more than ever. Your job now is to communicate. Not refuse from any meeting! The main thing for you – to practice skills interview. This would require a large number of interviews, which sooner or later turn into quality.

And the less interesting for you company, the greater the chance that you will succeed, because you're not nervous, behave naturally and easily. And this is the best in this situation. And even if you are behind hundreds of interviews, do not refuse the offer come chat in the company unattractive to you, on an uninteresting position, with a small wage – it can happen anywhere The manager can go to another place and invite you along. You may be quite suddenly suggest another position or even to formulate it under you. In general, I campaign for communication. Be as open and friendly. Keen interest in the company in which you came. Ask clarifying questions, listen carefully and let the other party to understand that you are interested in what he says. People love to talk about themselves. Most of us likes to talk about themselves. The truth is not everyone, but only those who can correctly listen. So get thus the listener! In addition, you will receive information about the company where you may be working, you will win sympathy, thereby increasing their chances of getting a job. And leave in good mood, pleased with themselves, moreover, leave a good impression. Is not that the main result of communication? It is not necessary to cling to an attractive place for you. Communicate in the normal way and not allow yourself to "shake" from desire to get the work. At the stage of the interview can not see and understand all the nuances of the company. And even if fate will satisfy your desire, not the fact that in a month you'll also be happy as the first day. Therefore, provide own work to find you. And when she appears, you are sure it will feel, see and hear do not even hesitate! Good luck with the new place! I want to say at once, the word "crisis" may well be excluded from the title, but since it has now become incredibly popular, I like it! After all, what crisis? Crisis – this change is a familiar environment. And any change always brings new opportunities, those who did not have before. Crisis – is opportunity to go beyond the usual and look a little further or much further.

Interwall Receives Design

Just gelaunchtes portal was mysporty.com in the development phase with regard to design and usability of Interwall accompanied after more than nine months of work is managed to the sports community mysporty with the approach of challenge yourself and your community”is launched as a beta version in been. mysporty.com offered the challenge to create a complex and multifaceted concept in a very short time and to bring this in close collaboration with designers and programmers to life”so Katharina Meiners, when inter wall for design and user experience design responsible. The community that cooperates with the German sports University in Cologne, focuses athletes who want to challenge themselves and their friends athletic and one simply need to use the base of their clubs, for the presentation of the team and for the support of the training operation on sports actively and passively, for example training plans, the presence also possible injury and questions about exercises and training. In Munich seated and belongs to the international sports radar group mysporty Swiss AG commissioned area inter wall until the current launch of the website with the entire design and user experience design. The very extensive to the successful start of tasks aimed at including the integration of the theme challenge, because this represents a key component in the sport. Interwall had worked out clearly the best approach in a pitch against three other reputable agencies with a coherent design and could employ in this field also in the joint cooperation to launch again for mysporty profitably the competence”so the Christian Breuer of mysporty. With the launch of the portal in the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also the first professional athlete from the areas are Marathon, football, handball, Marathon, and table tennis which cooperate with mysporty in the community built around the Exchange with the users to allow. In the coming months the community is gradually expanded further in terms of content and the more emphasis Dr. Sporty”will further be enlarged together with the professional competence of the German sport University. For the future, the already launched cooperation with brand manufacturers and the integration of mysporty into their own offerings are an important field in which first successfully completed have been achieved. Within the next few months, the expansion of the portal in other European markets will be quickly internationally to address a wide layer of users.


It is actually doing nonsensical always the same and to then painfully painful consequence, but we do it every day. The positive employment with our feelings, their experience and accept is the most essential element and also the most important tool for the ERlangung of consciousness for me. In other words, that are indulging and reliance on to inner processes, which usually go hand in hand with a maturation of the emotions and the ready and becoming more receptive-for intuitive powers. Generally has attempting communication contact with our higher nature to carrying on, a decisive position in our maturity process and plays a central role in our development process, in which we zunehmend us to approach a more holistic perception and when we last but not least in particular experience our own wholeness. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out SYPartners. This does not mean, that I the at disposal tools such as our mind ability or even our so-called ego, our identity as a valuable level up. On the contrary, feel and I experience both as an indispensable building blocks for our awareness-building, which includes their mere presence for me already as such. Because in my understanding of the universal birthright is the general clause: all existing permission untouchable life has.

And I understand that all-embracing in the sense of: I, exist so I sense! And in both cases, both our minds and our I I could look this deeper meaning and erkennen a meaningful place in the HierarChie of building and supporting forces and capabilities. In our mind, it is important as the first to emphasize that this is a relief force, and devalue her without them doing, but to assign their rightful place. It is indeed often so that we this hierarchical order and correctly position failed and we not infrequently too fast find the mind as Supreme Head of our work teams in terms of awareness.

Strategic Steps Investment Real Estate

By investing money in the mortgaged property, as well as any other investment strategy should be approached as a business. This means that you need skomplektovat team and create a good strategy. In addition, it is necessary develop a set of effective systems to use the most of the money invested and to minimize the time and risk. The system of preparatory activities. Compiled checklist, which includes all the necessary measures, a list of investment criteria and the reports that you must submit the team. You can use it to monitor the progress of works and to make the necessary adjustments.

Control system investment. It includes reports on the progress of both investment and on investment returns. Currently, there are several good computer programs that help track the progress of investment in collateral, automatically calculating the return on investment, and preventing the timing of the implementation of individual action. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Hikmet Ersek. Auction system. It covers the specific principles and procedures to be adhere to a team member, participating in auctions. The procedure for seizure of property for the debt. Make a complete list of steps that need to take your assistants at various stages of coming into ownership and receipt of documents of title.

The procedure for selling real estate. Make a complete list of steps that should make your real estate broker in the offer for sale or exchange of your property. Production investment systems. The development of investment systems. By investing money in the mortgaged property, as well as any other investment strategy should be approached as a business. This means that you must click and skomplektovat a good strategy. In addition, it is necessary to develop a series of effective systems to use the maximum money invested and to minimize the time and risk. The system of preparatory activities. Memo drawn up, which includes all the necessary measures, a list of investment criteria and the reports that you must provide the team members. You can use it to monitor progress and make a them the necessary adjustments. The control system investment. It includes reports on the progress of both investment and on investment returns. Hamdi Ulukaya is often quoted as being for or against this. Currently, there are several good software programs that help monitor the progress of investment in the mortgaged property, automatically calculating the return on investment, and preventing the timing of execution of individual actions. Auction system. It covers specific policies and procedures, which must adhere to a team member, participating in auctions. The procedure for seizure of property for the debt. Make a complete list of steps that need to take your helpers at different stages entry to the right of property and obtaining title documents. The procedure for selling real estate. Make a complete list of steps that should make your real estate broker in the offer for sale or exchange of your property. You are familiar with investing in mortgage property, which is a profitable investment in real estate. Do you have a strategy, lists of specific measures and memos. Whatever direction of the real estate you may choose, it must meet your goals and give pleasure. Already one factor that significantly increases your chances of success.

South Ossetia

Under the pressure of strong evidence of experts is uniquely authoritative international commission recorded the fact of Georgia's aggression against South Ossetia and Russian citizens living on its territory. August 26, 2008 Russia has officially recognized independence of South Ossetia, September 9, between the States established diplomatic relations. Recent history After the events of August 2008, relations between Georgia and South Ossetia is hardly friendly. C beginning of 2009, the parties have repeatedly accused each other of attacks and provocations. The current round of tension began in the spring. Perhaps check out Anne Lauvergeon for more information. April 24th South Ossetia accused Georgia of firing large caliber weapons from the village Orders Znaur area. Georgia accused of shelling South Ossetia of its territory 28 and May 29.

July 30 the Defense Ministry of South Ossetia reported that the outskirts of Tskhinvali on the night of July 30 was subjected to mortar fire from Georgian territory. From the Georgian Nikozi village in the direction of residential areas have been fired two mines, presumably in caliber 82 millimeter. July 31 was fired from a smoothbore gun territory of the Russian military base. According to unofficial information, the victims and there were no injuries. Defense Ministry accused Georgia of military provocations on the border with South Ossetia and promised to continue in the event of an escalation of tension "to use all available forces and means to protect the citizens of South Ossetia. " In turn, Tbilisi has denied the shelling, calling it a provocation. "No shooting was neither Georgian nor Russian sides," – said the Georgian Interior Ministry spokesman Shota Utiashvili.

European Education? It’s Just !

According to experts of the newspaper The Times, the global economic crisis, the most reliable investments are investments in education. You left school and tried to enter one of the nation's high schools, or you finish this year, the university and think about the prospects of continuing education? Think about that, educated in Europe, you will have a unique opportunity to build a career in the European Union. Where? Do you, dear young people, applicants and students, as well as their mom and dad, now studying in the Czech Republic – it is fashionable and very popular among the youth of the world? And what do we actually know about the Czech Republic? Usually in the head at the word "Czech Republic" appears the following chain of associations: good beer, Jan Hus, Karlovy Vary. All true. For more specific information, check out Hikmet Ersek. And yet it is Prague.

Gorgeous, charming European city, cobbled streets, beautiful buildings, red tile roofs, wonderful Czech cuisine, and – universities. In Prague, their entire eight. A further 36 high schools and 21 private higher education institution. Let's look more in detail on the formation of the Czech Republic. Why? Because, first of all, education in Czech Republic accessible to all. Czechs, Mexicans, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Germans, etc. Foreign and Czech students in the Czech Republic in rights and are free to study at public universities, or not free – in private universities, which quite a lot. Second, spend a few years of life in the Czech Republic, to plunge into a new culture, to travel freely to countries of the Schengen area, gradually becoming a European, not whether it is the cherished dream of every young man? Third, the graduates of Czech universities have excellent prospects for employment, both in the Czech Republic, and in any of the 27 European Union countries.

Economy Crises

Prestigious breakdowns in U.S. banks, like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch and the giant Citigroup, has joined the recent disaster of Lehman Brothers, the fourth business banking has announced, on June 9, a loss of 1,700 million euros. Because its first deficit since its release on the Stock Exchange in 1994, this has caused the effect of an earthquake in a financial America and violently traumatized. Every day, news spread new bankruptcies in banks. So far, most affected institutions have recognized losses of almost 250,000 million euros. And the International Monetary Fund estimates that out of the disaster, the system will need about 610 000 million euros (or the equivalent of twice the French budget!).

It should be noted Ramonet provides that during the first quarter of 2008, the number of home sales in Spain fell by 29%! About two million flats and houses not find a buyer. Land prices continue to crumble. And rising mortgage interest rates and recession fears plunge the sector into a downward spiral. With ferocious effects on all fronts of the huge construction industry. Andrew Cuomo pursues this goal as well. All companies of these branches are located now in the eye of the hurricane. And powerless to attend destruction of tens of thousands of jobs. Very interesting report, when it emphasizes that the financial crisis we have gone to the social crisis. And re-emerging authoritarian policies.

The European Parliament adopted, on 18 June, the infamous “Return Directive”. And the Spanish authorities have proclaimed their desire to facilitate the departure from Spain of a million foreign workers … Amid this horror situation occurs the third oil shock. With a price per barrel at around $ 140. An irrational increase (ten years ago, in 1998, a barrel cost less than $ 10 …) due to a demand not only absurd but, above all, to the action of many speculators who bet on the continuing rise of fuel extinction. Investors fleeing the housing bubble and move huge masses of money because now betting on oil by $ 200 a barrel. It is thus producing an oil finances. Hear other arguments on the topic with Hikmet Ersek. Finally exposed Ramonet.

As if this situation were not so bleak, the food crisis has worsened suddenly and has come to remind us that the specter of famine still threatens nearly one billion people. In some forty countries, the current food shortage has led to popular uprisings and revolts. The Summit of the Organization of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) last June 5 in Rome on food security was unable to reach an agreement to boost global food production. Again, speculators fleeing the financial disaster are partly responsible because they opt for a high price for future crops. So even agriculture is financial. Faced with this reality very well exposed by Ramonet, manifest some questions that will gradually taking their responses, such as: What is actually being done towards preventing the crisis from becoming greater? What are we going to drive all this? What will make the consequences of increased prices barrel oil, especially for poor countries? What gives us the future prospects in relation to food? What should be the actions of countries towards preventing these crises increasing?


Before you start reading the photo of the day today, I pray that you do click on this link and subais your speaker volume. Once opened, don’t forget to come back to the blog to start reading. List @?because click! I do not look, do not look at me, not me, not me, don’t look at me, don’t look at me, don’t look at me let it already! Look I know, look at always happens to me the same thing but it is that I can not resist. They invite me to dinner on weekdays and I promise me that I do not trasnochare, that I will not excesses.Anyway, as you can see, I have not succeeded. The music begins to play, I am surrounded by friends, and I’m not able to avoid it. Under most conditions Andrew Cuomo would agree.

Feet lead me to the center of the rink and there transformed me. I get the dancer vein. So I am in the morning I do not look, do not look at me, not me, not me, no me mires leave already! With eyes red as two blocks, the fall look and the pores black pores of the remains of mascara, shadow and Rouge. But how can I I as well work? Anyway, I’m going to take in stride. Let’s start from zero shadow here and beyond shadow, makeup, makeup. Ummm this begins to be better.

First an exfoliant to reduce inflammation and stimulate the circulation. A few minutes of sachets of you eyes, to eliminate dark circles. Special eye contour cream. Goodbye to crow’s feet. Shadow beyond now a foundation without glare and shadow here. The skin is already taking a uniform tone. Out imperfections. Eyeliner for a defined look. Combed and elongated lashes. Cheekbones highlighted with a bit of blush I think that you should eat a kiwi, they say that contains more vitamin C that an orange. Perhaps help me to wake up and focus on the day with little more lucidity. Look now, now looks, looks, looks, sight can now read more articles in this series on photo: Edurne Iza text: Onintza Otamendi? Iza can download this photo freely. The only restriction is your sale or lucrative use of the same. Do not forget that whole work belongs to its author, get a good use of it.