A Mystery Of Water Solved

Solution for the mystery the Hofmeister series very many secrets about Brazilian researchers found over the fabric, without which none of us could life. The water on our planet is too mysterious as hardly a different substance. But now, one of these mysteries was revealed. the mystery of the origin of the Hofmeister series. This is a 120Jahre old ion list that describes the effect of which on the structure of water. The Hofmeister series is very important even today for the purification of peptides.

The science behind this series was completely unknown, since Hofmeister, discovered this series in the study of proteins in 1887. Many scientists and research groups have so far tried to explain the science behind this series. However all these ambitious attempts had to realize very soon that this is but much more complicated problem bi very easy first glance than was assumed, and so this mystery for more than 100 years of unresolved. Also the team to the scientist yan Levin works already more than 20 years to solve this problem, so far without success. But now yan Levin of the Federal University of Rio Grande has found Sul perhaps the key to understanding this series do in Brazil along with his colleagues.

Their detailed calculations of polarization of water in contact with different ions and their effects on its surface tension contains a list that match not only with the experimental measurements of the surface tension, but with their help even the Hofmeister series can be reproduced. This work has far-reaching consequences, because it explains an important and hitherto mysterious phenomenon in chemistry to move the tendency of highly reactive halogen ions on the surface of water droplets.