! A Problem from 1909!

a provider of affordable and innovative health insurance, seeks to design and market lower cost alternative solutions, which enable people to maintain better health Theodore Roosevelt, health plan who governed until 1909 proposed a reform of President Harry Truman Coverage health Universal.Fracasando.Otro tube the same initiative insurance in the 40s his plan was to final.En 90 Business Sectors gave an end to plans for Health Reform Bill Clinton. President Barack Obama starting in 2009 on the burden of the health plans Reform of esperala Salud.Pero medical insurance as was the opposition from Republicans and groups Sectors Interest frenal want another look for a solution to the health system of the United States. The insurance companies country’s spending is 18 of its GDP on health, nearly 50 more than Germany and Holanda.Dicen experts: there are many interests healthcare created and many points of view as well Reforma.Sera make it difficult to reconcile all those involved in this project: Hospitals, Doctors, Drug Industry, Insurance and Political Rights. Many think dental insurance of the failure according to another see which raises History and in other cases it is thought that the Reformation only reaches a limitado.Todo system a little more the world knows it’s necessary to group insurance reform the system, the town on foot, doctors and politicians from both sides, but must have the disposition to solve a problem that comes from 1909.