To manage Human resources depends on a series of factors as the environment where the companies act, the technology used for them, of the politics and the effective lines of direction in the organization. Moreover, to manage RH, also depends on the applied administrative philosophy, the amount and the quality of the available Human resources. E, in the measure where they change these elements, also changes the form to manage the Human resources in the organizations. The basic functions of the Administration of Human resources are: ) Provision: Who Will go To work in the Organization? For in such a way, the company will need to provide a marketing research to get greaters information on the inherent activities to the position, the paid average wage to the occupant of this position and the abilities that will be required. Moreover, the organization will have that to provide the conscription and the election for this position. b) Application: What the People Will make in the Organization? For this, the organization it will need to implement a Drawing of Positions (describing at great length the position) and a rigorous program of Evaluation of Performance.

c) Maintenance: How To keep the People Working in the Organization? To keep them, the company will need to offer a compatible remuneration with the position, social benefits and security in the work. d) Development: How To develop the People in the Organization? For in such a way, it will need to provide training and development to its collaborators. e) Control: Who Is and what They make the People in the Organization? For this, it will need to implement an efficient system of information, controls and an auditorship of staff. CONSCRIPTION. It is a set of techniques that it aims at to search employees qualified to occupy positions of the companies inside. It is the process to attract to the job candidates with the adjusted characteristics and abilities to fill the open vacant? or to be open? in the organization.