Advanced Software Engineering

Advanced Software Engineering For the city of Russia, see INSA. For other uses, see Insa (disambiguation). Advanced Software Engineering SA (INSA) is a Spanish company founded in 1991 by IBM Spain and Catalana Occidente. The initial aim was to draw lessons from the development team of the insurer on IBM platforms to market joint solutions for the economic sectors (banking, insurance ,…) and public administration. Its object is the design, development, management and exploitation of information systems based on information technology and marketing products and services. It also provides consulting services, and has about 2,000 employees. It has ISO 9001 certificate. Is registered at the Registro Mercantil de Madrid, Tomo 3238, Libro 0, Folio 78, Secci n 8, Hoja M-55112. and its corporate headquarters are located in Avenida de Burgos 8A. Bronze building in Madrid.It has offices in Barcelona, Valencia, Getxo, Seville and Lisbon. It is part of IBM Spain trade group. Provides services of software development and maintenance, ERP, CRM, developments on the IBM iSeries platform, e-business, tax and banking services. Examples of its developments are the new call center Balearia or Azuvi SAP solutions. In 2007 I launched the Virtual Assistant of the Ministry of Culture of Spain. On February 20, 2007 inaugurated the center of technological innovation in Caceres Peak. The center’s main objective is to develop technology projects in Spain and Portugal, and is used among others by the English Court and Caja de Extremadura.