Althusser Institutions

This terminology adopted for Marx discloses one of the aspects of the action of the State on the individuals, that is on the all social one: by means of practical the legal ones, or for the known institutions as repressora force of the State (army, polices, courts of justice, chains, hospices) the State dominates by means of ' ' fora' ' the individuals of the society, through this power the State overwhelms and doctrine all the individuals that do not want to subject its interests. Through these institutions, the state imposes on the individuals of repressora form the ideology the one that it is part, that is, the ideology of the ruling classes as it affirms Marx well. Althusser advancing in this conceitualizao of the State presents one second characteristic of the domain of the State on the individuals, the symbolic domination. For it, the State, beyond the repressoras institutions already presented by Marx, also acts of form symbolic through some institutions of the society, that Althusser flame of ideological devices of the State that would be the churches, the school, unions, the culture and etc. to understand this action symbolic, we will select the school as example. The ideological devices of the State exert on the individuals a symbolic power, that is, the individuals do not give account of that they are being dominated; this domination if of the one for the legitimation of these institutions as respectable institutions idoneous, of where many benefits can be reached through them. For Bourdieur (2002) the pertaining to school culture in the ones of the condition to assimilate the culture of the society, is in the school that we receive ' ' regras' ' to be homogeneous in the society, as it affirms the author in this stretch of Culture of the Symbolic Exchanges (2002, P. 206): ' ' (…) in the truth, the individuals? programmed? , it wants to say, endowed with a homogeneous program of thought perception and of action, they constitute the product more I specify of the school (…) ' ' With sights in the ideas of Marx, Althusser and Bourdieur, valley append to analyze the school as an instrument of violence of the State, over all, in what it says respect to the didactic book, main ideological instrument.