Art Transaction

The voting members of society who filed a claim for recognition of a major transaction, invalid, could not influence the results of the ballot is no evidence that this transaction resulted or may result in losses to society, or party of society, to submit a claim or occurrence of other adverse consequences for them at the time of the trial presented evidence of the subsequent approval of the transaction according to the rules laid down by law, in a case in court proved that the other party to the transaction knew or should have known about her committing to violation under this Article claims to it. 13. Installed new duties llc on disclosure of information and document storage company shall provide members of society access to the best of him by a judicial acts on a dispute relating to the development of society, its management or participation in it. Ltd. at the request of members of society is obliged to provide him access to documents under Art. 50 of the Law on Limited Liability Companies.

Within three days of submission of the respective demands of the society such documents must be provided for public inspection at the premises of the executive body of the company. Society at the request of the participant Society is obliged to provide him with copies of such documents. 14. Modified procedure of reorganization llc. Reorganized company after making a record of Incorporation early reorganization procedure twice with a periodicity once a month puts in the media, the message of its reorganization. In the event that a reorganization involving two or more societies, the message on the reorganization is published on behalf of all participating reorganization society, the latter decided to restructure any particular the merger agreement or merger agreement. In this case, creditors of the company not later than within thirty days from the date the last publication of the notice of the reorganization of the company is entitled to request in writing to the early performance of the obligations of the debtor, and if you can not perform such an early obligations – to its termination and compensation related losses. Other changes to the law 205-FZ and the law 312-FZ of materials for re-registration site.