Average Age

Parallel the man started to try a form different of freedom, more real, however, dialeticamente, at the same time where he is real, it she is fictitious, therefore he was not constructed or forged for proper it. Atrelada and justifying these facts, a exacerbada attention and actions excused in favor of the capital, and each time plus a capital without native land, if appropriate of the produced knowledge, not only for science, but also for the other forms, for ‘ ‘ oferecer’ ‘ to the Individual a infinity of options, that go of the attitude to stir up it to consume it any thing to the act to think, to act, to feel and to have emotions in agreement unknown interests, either for its essence and/or intention. These offers, much more that options, if become rules, are delimited by it creates who them or it leads, they are introduced in the society, and for consequence in the Individual, as conducive only of form of living. Paradoxicalally, the individual finds in this freedom each time bigger and ahead accented of the multiple options of choice and offers, also how much the behaviors, attitudes and emotions, its ‘ ‘ insumos’ ‘ to better try and to live the anguish feeling, since, knowing themselves, or looking for therefore, it identifies that its existence or objectives goes very beyond what is available. VI Conclusion Ahead of this, through the contextualizao of the man at moments of history from the Average Age, in what it is inherent to the discovery and construction of its interioridade, its desvencilhamento of the power tax for the ruling classes, essentially to the church, placed it front to the necessity to uncover itself and to value its feelings, emotions and wills.