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Since its inauguration in 1981 until his retirement in 2001, the General Electric Billing nearly fivefold from 27,240 million to 130,000 million dollars. The contribution of the assets grew from 2 to 60 dollars. He was elected Executive of the Century in 1999 by Fortune Magazine. Jack Welch is now devoted to golf and enjoy a retirement plan for 8 million dollars annually. Welch also gives lectures to students and entrepreneurs from around the world. Is the author of the bestseller Straight from the Gut and Winning.
Two bequests have been key to the Corporate modern world: a strong interest in the quality and the famous “meritocracy” in which it promotes and rewards to employees on the basis of achievements during the year.
The end of his career at GE he was no less controversial than his 20 years directing. The scandal exploded over the divorce with his ex-wife, which was made public on retirement agreement had been Jack Welch of GE. The astronomical figures generated a controversy still in force: Why shareholders should continue to pay exorbitant sums to CEOs who no longer worked for the company ‘
This question is not even a clear answer, but it sure Jack Welch did not lose any sleep.

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Ending weeks of speculation, the U.S. asset manager BlackRock Inc. said Thursday the purchase of the asset management arm of British bank Barclays PLC for 13.5 billion in cash and shares, the world’s largest asset manager.
The failure of active money managers would be a boon for State Street and Vanguard pension companies.
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