Biblical Council

Function It ends at the end of the day, the curtain must fall because, at the same time, the show must go the day that follows. Many writers such as Ex-CIA director offer more in-depth analysis. Something more: the dream is a powerful Adviser. The solution to many problems takes form while we sleep. It is therefore absurd that oneself deprived such an blessing because you hold problems removed dream. The relationship is reversed: should not be problems which removed the dream, is rather good sleep to help solve problems. Why it is necessary to open and close properly every day; While the day is active to invest as much in each one of our acts, extracting the juice of life, and then the time, disable all.

And if someone out there says this is sin of temptation, innocence or naivety, showing us what earns doing things another way?, where are and those who make up this gallery of notables who solved more problems in their lives as less do slept?, who among the concerned holds the record of problems resolved?, can be sent us photographs of these illustrious people, certified doctors and handwritten letters from members of your family? Biblical Council establishes imperatively: that does not get the Sun on your anger, and we humbly allow us parallel to ask to not put the Sun on your problems. If the day was intensely active and the problem was not solved, tomorrow it will be resolved. The essential pause is not tool of irresponsible or indifferent, is powerful weapon in hand of the intelligent. The informal people, those title of responsibility living the rhythm that dictate them their problems, are those who had wanted to build the Panama canal with a beak and a shovel on hand: would continue working until today. Smart people work by solving their problems and conquering their goals on asphalt roads, in this task there are no effective shortcuts.