Biological Development

Promotion of education, training and awareness, is expressed in chapter XXXVI of Agenda XXI: education is critical for promoting sustainable development and increasing the capacity of populations to address environmental issues and development, and must deal with the dynamics of the physical and biological environment, the socio-economic environment and human development (which could include spiritual development)integrated into all disciplines, academic and non-academic methods used and effective means of communication is for this reason that environmental education is to form part of the educational teaching process contributes to renew it and to make it more dynamic, flexible, creative and active, without losing each subject and each activity its object of study and instructional and educational functions while helping to anticipate and solve ecological problem, of great importance at the global level. (Orestes Valdez, 1996) Do in the period from 1987 to the present, the process of environmental education in Cuba, in the national system of education, is geared to the achievement of the following objectives:?Develop, in the conscience of the children and young people in care and protect the environment, and achieve a sensitivity to ecological problems. ?Contribute to the assimilation of knowledge and training and the development of attitudes that allow motivations, beliefs and abilities that enable the formation of a citizen qualified to determine the causes and effects of environmental problems and facilitate active participation in their improvement and protection with his conduct. ?Create in learner awareness of the interdependence of political, economic and ecological in the contemporary world, in order to intensify the responsibility among Nations. Biological resources constitute a capital with a great performance potential of sustainable benefits. It is necessary to urgently take decisive action to conserve and maintain genes, species and ecosystems, with a view to the management and sustainable use of biological resources.(Taken from Agenda 21, 1992) Conserve the ecosystems and the representative species of the natural richness of each locality is an objective which should ensure that all humanity.