Bmcm Measurement Under Windows

BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) – the market share of the latest operating system by Microsoft a few months later innovative measurement technology \”made in Germany\” since the official launch of Windows 7 on October 22, 2009 already exceeds 10 percent. In general it is agreed that with Windows 7 now finally it succeeded, what actually would have to be achieved by its predecessor, Windows Vista: significant improvements in usability, optimization of processes for more efficiency, significant reduction of compatibility problems. Also, the system requirements of the new operating system are only slightly higher than for Windows XP, so older PCs to Windows 7 can be converted. With the new \”software collection\”, version 4.4 of BMC messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) supports the manufacturer for \”innovative technology made in Germany\” all its PC measurement cards and monitors under Windows 7. Swarmed by offers, Governor Cuomo is currently assessing future choices. The bmcm \”software collection\” contains’s as well as the LabVIEW VI, including driver, programming interface (ActiveX control) Professional measuring software NextView 4 for measurement bmcm hardware. In addition to the common 32-bit version Windows 7 offers a 64-bit installation.

The switch requires drivers and programs that are run in 64-bit environments. This has been tested successfully for the software of the BMC messsysteme GmbH: the 64-bit driver by bmcm is automatically detected when you install and all programs can run without further ADO. 64-bit driver can be used on Windows 7 only signed. The bmcm drivers are provided starting with version 4.4 with a digital signature, an electronic security mark that indicates the manufacturer of the software and ensures that the device driver has not been altered. The driver signing represents a meaningful protection against malware, but no certification, i.e. the test by Microsoft. During the development of Windows 7 was the power invested in relation to the bus technology considerably in improving by USB and PCI Express (PCIe) features new technology, with the aim of to increase – a confirmation for the internal and external systems of of measuring manufacturer, in whose development the BMC systems essentially relies on USB devices, such as USB-AD16f, and PCIe cards, the PCIe base, these interfaces in the operation.