British occupation

The abolition of the marks a turning point in the south of marketing Nigeria today. The crisis was overcome by the rehabilitation of the chiefs of the coast that hosted a lucrative market for palm oil, so the letters area was known as’ los Rios Oil ‘(Oil Rivers). The initiator was the king Opubu ‘the Great’ by Bonny (1792-1830), who took the initiative to combine the oil with the traffic in slaves, basing its prosperity on a fleet of large canoes armed with small how to start a cannons. But the power of the merchants of the coastal towns was gradually undermined by the advancing British.
In 1830, brothers John and Richard Landes, members of the expedition of Hugh Clapperton, who had launched his boat company on the Niger half, in starting a the desert, came to wonder around the world, the rivers of oil, noting safely that these were simply the delta of the Niger, whose mouth was unknown until then. United Kingdom, which until then had been officially interested in this region which seemed no future, once it was discovered that it was the Niger Delta change opinion. Merchants britanicos much frequented the area and the British Consulate on the island of Fernando Poo was competent in matters of the delta. In 1861, under the pretext of avoiding clashes between Africans, the city of Lagos was occupied and turned into a British colony, beginning with this insight. Twenty years later, the United Kingdom of consul in Fernando Poo step to reside in Calabar, having under its jurisdiction throughout the coastal territory from Lagos to Cameroon.
Paradoxically, the great economic depression of 1873-1895 had a dynamic impact on European expansion: the exasperation of successful commercial rivalries led to traders and local administrators to promote a new political equilibrium. From 1851 to 1881, the price of palm oil dropped from 40 to 22 pounds per ton. Faced with reducing their profit margins, companies Lakes (12 in 1880, only 5 in 1892) were faced with two contradictory goals: increasing the mass of the product and the price of goods traded with the natives, all at the same time. The crisis caused a trade war, not only between English and French, but also between Europeans and Africans. Producing corporate States native also took measures, the increase in fraud by both parties and the closing of trade routes became increasingly frequent. At the same time, as many chiefs of the interior still lived contraband slave strategy trade, when this is impracticable turned, naturally, to their traditional procedures: the looting of the vassals and tribute. success However, these methods seemed increasingly innovation anachronistic in the world of international capitalism. That led to the intensification of the movement interventionist: britanicos traders demanding protection superfluous while business had been thriving. The Lagos Chamber of Commerce, which is associated with the ports of the metropolis, he blamed the slump on native chiefdom. The companies were supported by local managers who, anxious to see progress from the French and Germans in the neighboring regions and are eager to overcome the mediocrity of the budget through the colonial expansion into the management interior of the customs revenue, showed a tendency to put in many cases, to the metropolis before the fait accompli.
A British businessman originally from the Isle of Man, George Goldie, later Sir George Goldie Taubmann are interested in the Niger from 1877. Quickly took control of trade in the delta and is the United African Co., which in 1882 became the African National Co. Ltd. To some extent repeats the operation of Cecil Rhodes in South Africa and, in collusion with the government British Niger dates during sales which the French are trying to descend from the inside.
However, in announcing the conference call strategic to Berlin, the British government decides it is time to intervene formally. Send an agent in 1884, Hewett, fitted with the title of consul of Calabar, to formally conclude agreements with the local powers of the Niger Delta. The following year, the British Parliament ratified the agreements reached at the Congress of Berlin and is the protectorate of the Niger Delta (Oil Rivers Protectorate), based in Calabar. But for a long time, this protectorate remained purely theoretical.
In fact, still the acting Goldie. Is your company, which start a dates back the Niger, which will conclude agreements in the country hausa, mainly with the emir of Sokoto. In 1886, strategies the firm receives from the British Government the monopoly of trade in the Lower Niger.

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