Business leaders who lead in other aspects

The modern world is becoming more obsessed with money. Indeed, The American Dream means that as soon as the fight for democracy, equal rights, freedom and inalienable right to liberty (as legislated in the world’s first and oldest constitution) was transformed into something quite different. Ask any of the potential immigrants or illegal immigrants, that they’re looking for in America, and their response is likely to coincide with the fact that we see in the commercial and financial America – the desire to earn money and also use it for investment managers.

Certainly, many will paint this as a desire to earn respectable life, but too often it quickly transformed into a desire to accumulate so much money as possible. Against this background, the endless and the stubborn desire for money and financial success, it is refreshing to find successful business leaders, like , who, while participating in the accumulation of financial success, taking off time to invest in other classes. (This can be expressed appreciation for the many who, despite their fate remained a strict timetable focus solely on improving their bank balances and the total cost.)