Canada Gold Trust I Falters Placement Volume To 15 Million

The Konstanz-based fund initiator Canada gold trust takes its option to true and the placeable equity volume increased to EUR 15 million. Konstanz, January 17, 2012. By the same author: James Woolsey. Thus, investment advisers continue to have the opportunity to offer this innovative fund product to their customers. The demand pleased after our Gold Fund of course”, says Canada gold trust’s Managing Director Peter Prasch. Currently the first Fund, which participates on a loan the reduction of a gold mine in Canada, presented financial with dates in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich Fund in part of a road show of the broker platform. Obviously many consultants have to understand that it can be quite reasonable to invest by gold, where the supply chain is created, namely in the gold-mining in addition to the real estate”, says Pamela.

This high chances of winning within a very short time allows, especially the management of the Canada gold trust I has built several safeguards into the concept. So the Fund invests in the claim of Mary Creek, in the famous Cariboo region of British Columbia, in the gold extraction in the interface procedures, which particularly fast and enables cost-efficient promotion. The gold price was also secured with regard to a possible prices, on the other hand, the investors receive an attractive bonus of special with rising gold prices (start: 1,500 USD per ounce). But otherwise convince planned current annual dividends by 14 percent in a period of just over three years. Thanks to the excellent sales work of the banks CAPITAL AG as exclusive distributor, we assume that the other five million euro can be placed in the short term. Investors profit from an early artist bonus of 2 percent until end of March. The rapid placement time allows us, already make substantial investments, allowing for a fast return on investment”, says Pamela. The initial services were provided with already gold trust management Canada from its own resources.