Chilean Capital

Evo Allende Evo Morales is the first Socialist elected President of Bolivia, as in 1970 was allende in relation to Chile. Barely 100 years after the birth of Allende met, Morales suffered an electoral defeat in the capital when the Prefecture was won by a pro-derecha indigenous dissident. The opposition wants to get Palace Evo but without a pinochetazo. USA already defeated the Soviet bloc and, instead of promoting anti-communist military dictatorships as it did in the early 1970s, seeks to stabilize democratically to your backyard and prefers to remove non-conformist Governments with legalistic maneuvers. Allende never reached 50% of the votes, something that Evo surpassed in General and constituent elections.

While Allende was under more pressure of the Soviet Union and Leninist Marxists, the social basis of Evo is more indigenous. If the Chilean opposition was strong in the capital, the Bolivian wants fencing to La Paz evista on the basis of the earliest departments to It is. Evo could face its rivals considering nationalizing the oligarchy, but he has taken as a lesson of the fall of allende that he may not cause much to us by what must combine a red speech with agreements with opposition pro-FTA. He fears that if you opt for a radical path could be overthrown, but the right also knows how to take advantage of their hesitations to be yendole by removing social bases with a decentralist preaching. Anti-capitalist anticapitalinos vs Bolivia is jaloneada by two extremes. On one side are the anti-capitalist trade unionists who want to radicalize the process and accuse Morales of not much increase wages or not wanting to confiscate the oligarchy and imperialism. On the opposite side are cambas regionalists and chapacos that promote historical resentment against the capital in fact (though not in law) that is La Paz, and in their demands for autonomy want that their departments will follow policies pro-free market. Within trade unions and of the boards of High and low income areas, grow those who pose to break the power of capital, while within the least Highlands departments grow those who want to break the power of the capital. The first way would lead to go towards a social revolution that ends by spill over and disrupt Morales. The second path involves going desafilando and removing power to the central Government up to finish removing it by one that can better develop capitalism.