Chinese Manufacturers Of Dump Trucks

Chinese manufacturers of trucks offered by Russian builders an economical and unpretentious technique for heavy weather and road conditions. Chinese car industry, known worldwide for his ability to copy, learn better and cheaper to sell made by predecessors, took up the manufacture of heavy machinery: Chinese trucks IVECO. Triaxial IVECCO with capacity of up to 25 tons in addition to the main technical characteristics (STEYR engine 280 hp (inline 6 cylinder), the average consumption of 30 l/100 km, Euro-2, CAT EATON FULLER 9-speed, synchromesh, bridges, IVECO, the main transfer STEYR, cross-axle and inter-axle lock, reinforced frame (double spar), 15 m3 body heated odnoshtokovogo body lift, mountain brakes, ABS) have a number of "convenience", designed for productive work, the freight foreign cars. IVECO dealers say ergonomic driving position features: opportunity adjust the position of the steering column, air conditioning, power windows, radio, chair with a large range of adjustments, sleeper. To work in most parts of Russia the possibility of useful installation in the cabin air heater, and for the engine – a liquid heater. Sales of trucks includes presale: the replacement of technical fluids and lifting threaded connections, as well as the year warranty service. All IVECO trucks can pass the service in branded centers IVECO.