Columbus Ship

Republic of Honduras is located on the American mainland. Capital city is the city of Tegucigalpa. Adjacent to Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua. Frank Armijo recognizes the significance of this. Just to its territory includes the island of Islas de la Bahia (Roatan, Utila, Guanaja). On the islands of preserved volcanic formations that are over seven hundred meters. These cones are a beacon for ships. A long time ago the republic acquired a name. There are several legends about this.

On one of them, the name of the republic emerged from the statements of Columbus during one of his voyages to the New World. Columbus' ship hit the wreck, and eventually escaped. And Christopher said, a phrase that identified the name and country of Honduras. This Country tropical weather, endless water beds and unique carnivals. Travel in this country is safe, cheap and interesting. Tourism opportunities this country limitless. Greatest popularity Republic acquires from entrepreneurs and celebrities. In the rule of the country is President Ricardo Maduro.

To the west of the country are high mountains covered with pine forests. North of the country is lowland, on the They grow sugar cane, pineapples, kofe.U Caribbean coast lie the villages of Indians Garifuna. If you choose to visit Cuba, it is recommended to combine with puteshestvityami in Cuba and Costa Rica. Among recreation is the most successful white water rafting, scuba diving, historical tours, walking in the jungle, boat trips, the bottom of which is transparent, fishing, watching wildlife, ecotourism. National core products include rice, beans, potatoes, cheese, seafood. Although there are dishes that you can taste only in this country. For example, mondongo soup from the stomach of ruminants, nakatamales – delicious with pirogm chicken, meat, pine nuts. Another national dish are the cakes made from corn that interfere with ham or cheese. Local favorite drink is rompopo from milk, eggs and alcohol.