Common Sources

Bike not for each Route suitable bike plans are useful, but children in the country would have to travel long distances to school and Dodge on bus or bicycle. That the school bus is usually the better solution, explains Lothar Jackwerth: up to the 5th grade children should be not overwhelmed, sending the bike to school. Even if they assess themselves capable, the bus is usually the better option.” The bike could be used for shorter distances, but. But only if was previously ensured that the child poses no danger to other road users. Reflective clothing and bicycle helmets are absolute obligation. “J: helmets but does not prevent accidents, but can at least mitigate the consequences.” Adults should be role models for the safety of not only the parents responsible, but also the motorists are the students: by curtailing speed to school and were observing speed limits, they could contribute to the protection.

Common Sources of danger are in particular bus stops or schools on major roads without speed limits. Here motorists would have to grope himself very carefully, to observe the situation adequately and to be able to respond in a timely manner. Posters and banners indicate also the start of school, so that driver that can set children increased, Sadasivam road”, j declared finally. About the accident insurance fund free Hanseatic City of Bremen: The accident insurance fund free Hanseatic City of Bremen is bearer of statutory accident insurance relating to municipal and State of the State of Bremen. All schoolchildren, workers and employees as well as domestic helpers, help provider end, caregivers and volunteers are insured. The task of the Unfallkasse Bremen is primarily to prevent occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards, restore health to a work accident or an occupational disease with all appropriate means as well as to compensate the insured persons or their survivors through cash benefits. contact: Rafi Steering – Agency for PR and CSR GbR rescue road 17 24 28195 Bremen phone: 0421 / 949 38 13 E-Mail: