Consideraes Final So

Being evident the relevance in studying the regional factors permanently, analyzing the production of territorial diversity, either regal or the other name that the researcher intitles for the clippings that if produce. More than what to evaluate a concept what matters is to recognize the nature of? new-old? processes that construct the geographic space. The question of the autonomy and the necessity of participation of the categories occured front to the diversity and social transformations in the last few decades, detaching the theoretical consideraes on the capital stock. The revigoramento of the local dimension results of the Inter-relations between social and economic, cultural and institucional aspects in the global market. The adoption of lines of direction, intersetoriais politics and strategies integrating territorially to the city to the field, as for example, the participation of the local communities in national projects, the combat to the infrastructure impediments and the reorganization of the institucional dimension favoring the incorporation of the management, certainly would make possible the overcoming of the effective dichotomies between agricultural and the urban one. 3. Consideraes Final So that the region notion if became a scientific concept was necessary to have a reformularization of its criteria and its nature, being established new techniques of research of sciences and proper Geography.

Some researchers act as a lawyer that the region concept sends to a reflection politics of territorial base, from the interests of the communities identified to an independent area of a central power. At the same time, the regional speech is the vehicle found for the local elite for its preservation, forging conflicts and reiterating position of leadership through the control on the space. The critical conception analyzing focuses it to the region as resulted of a division of the space that is submitted to a classificatrio and hierarchic system. The trend of critical Geography approaches the intelligible space as something produced by the man for its organization and development.