Constitutional Legality

It fulfills to us to reaffirm our unalterable position to the side of the constitutional legality. We will not agree to with blows or violence against the constitutional order and the freedoms public. If the current regimen does not satisfy, in many of its aspects, desires is its improvement not its suppression, what it would represent a regression and the obscurantismo ' ' As the military did not yield, and Brizola also not, the situation was serious. Brizola if entrenched in the Piratini Palace, seat of government gaucho. It mobilized the Military Brigade and it distributed weapons population to resist it.

Brizola convoked the population, and some people had been to the streets to guarantee the ownership of Goulart Joo. The military had arrived to program attacks of airplane to the Piratini Palace, to kill Brizola and all that if opposed the decisions of the army. The attack was sabotaged by military of the air base of Canoes that did not agree to the decision. To skirt the situation, the regimen of government in the country was modified for parliamentarism, and Goulart Joo assumed as state head, taking ownership of the position of President of the Republic. In the year of 1964, the military put down Jango of the power, installing the military dictatorship in the country.

Jango and Brizola go for the Exile in Uruguay. After a period in the neighboring Country, Brizola also deferred payment a time in U.S.A. and Lisbon, returning to Brazil in the end of the decade of 70, to become governor of Rio De Janeiro in 1982, election that earned more than with 70% of the votes. However, we conclude that this episode was known for the insistence of the government gaucho in demanding that the vice-president Goulart Joo assumed the presidency of the Republic, had renounces it of President Jnio Pictures. One of the biggest impediments of the occupation of the position for Jango must – the empatia that the same had with Soviet groups, communist of the Chinese nation. But also we can detach the proper experience politics that goes of Vargas, passing as vice of JK until the vice-presidency of Jnio. – historical that Goulart Joo represented for the industrial elite and to the great large estate owners the occurrence of the Reforms of Base. Therefore, for the taking of the ownership of Head of State, it was necessary to appeal the Constitution I appeal, it for the Legality.