Today I’m going to write about the strategic consulting, professional activity can be considered young, although its roots are very deep. It has been traditionally understood strategic consulting as the realization of a strategic plan in its entirety, but currently is defined as external aid of some specialists in management and to management teams of institutions, whether private or public, who wish to update, change or evolve the total or partial organizational concept that are implanted, or who intend to startin order that the address can take effective decisions to achieve their business objectives, reducing the chance of error and maximizing the success. Is studied in analytical, detailed, way each processes, divisions, functions, departments, etc. related directly or indirectly with the module or modules of analysis, but taking into account not only the institution as a block, but the organization in its sector, the company in society, the Corporation in the world, offering proactive solutions. Strategic consulting looks at more than the usual consulting and raises important issues for the future of the company.It is aimed at all sectors and you can nurture specialists in all sectors.