Critical part of the national Constitution of 2007

The Movement 348, inclusive in its work from all areas of thought of our country, as key to achieving a consensus which would reshape the country under an ideal humanist and inclusive play the next job on the reform THIRD WAY. Noteworthy is the following paragraph, which summarizes the message shared by us: “Our own history shows the way forward: on 19 April 1810, there was the fact original constituent power and 05 julio, 1811, the constituent act of registration of the constitution emancipatory.Repeating is a historical obligation. ” Critical part of the national Constitution of 2007 1 .- enterprises: DELIVERY OF THE PRIVATE CAPITAL NATURAL RICHES MULTINATIONAL Articles 112, 113 and 115 give constitutional status to joint ownership between the state and the private sector on the exploitation of natural resources or any other property of the domain of the nation’s strategic and vital public services for the nation. Thus the multinational private equity consolidated his ownership of strategic natural resources and the provision of vital public services, a situation which began on March 31, 2006 with the approval of the National Assembly of the framework contract for the formation of joint ventures for the exploitation of hydrocarbons, this model can now be extended to the mining of uranium, iron, coal, water, plutonium, gold and other natural resources. They may also be privatized public services in education, health, housing, social security, telephony, transport, etc.. It should be stressed, that according to the eighteenth transitional provision of the Constitution of the Republic of 1999, which remains unaltered, Article 113 takes precedence over Article 302 which declares that the State reserves for reasons of activity sovereignty of the oil exploitation and the exploitation of goods and services of public interest and strategic character. The constitutionalization of joint ventures established the necessary legal ground to enable the delivery of economic and political sovereignty of the nation.We must remember that under the contract identified through such companies, to decide on matters of great national interest in the exploitation of vast natural resources requires the favorable vote of 75 of capital forming joint ventures, of which only 60 belongs to the Venezuelan state, indicating that foreign multinational companies will have a determining influence at the time to take such strategic decisions for the country, a circumstance which completely undermines the economic and political sovereignty of the Republic of Venezuela. The introduction of this new model for the Venezuelan economy is twofold: first, will dominate the whole of our economy as it is referred to raw materials and strategic enterprises mainly fossil energy, the other part is the new model of recolonization of multinationals on the dependent countries.