Customer Satisfaction

Questico AG: customer satisfaction at Questico always Berlin September 2010 capitalized. Quality assurance and customer satisfaction is not one without the other. In this area, Questico, the portal for telephone counseling, now occupies a leading role among all advice portals. High customer satisfaction is the basis for a healthy company, and to ensure these high customer satisfaction, Questico has in the area of quality assurance in recent years made maximum efforts and invested a lot of time and money. Questico customers should can finally always rely on the quality of the advice. “To this end, Questico offers in the context of quality assurance the quality offensive Q m, Q spoken square”, at. This means that Questico wants to improve the quality of the talks as possible at any point of the consultation process.

To do this, Questico offers now regular consultant training, where consultants learn to structure a conversation and losungsbezogen to do. Consultants will be shown how to better understand customer needs and specific questions. At the same time the customers are prompted by Questico AG actively expressing their satisfaction: each customer can online in writing to review his conversation and for other customers a note leaving, whether he was satisfied with the conversation or consultation. In this way, it is ensured that Questico is as transparent as possible for all customers. Of course, come all reviews by Questico customers and are absolutely real. Some examples of customer satisfaction can be found in the following reviews (extract): I had earlier so a wonderful, motivating and helpful conversation with you (…). You deserve for your great support 5 star”Hello dear Cornelia, thank you for the super nice conversation. I liked that very well.

You’re a very dear and nice consultant and give valuable tips”Cornelia Love, as always you proven right. You can only fully recommend you. You will meet the thing always to the point.”the conversation with helped me alot more. I knew some things about me, but it did well, to learn a different perspective from someone outside the”Andreas speaks with great experience in this field. He has shown me very new insightful perspectives and explains. You give me very valuable tips thank you very much for the good work!”. Your statements are consistent to 100% and everything past has arrived. Down to Earth, to the point, patient and always very gracious! “.” Customer satisfaction through quality assurance at Questico AG not hollow words, but to a real incentive for the entire team. Company profile Questico AG the Questico AG was born out of a simple idea: seeking advice and bringing together advice givers. Within a very short time developed this idea to what today is loving Questico and competent Life advice. Around 2,500 consultants are currently around 1.2 million users of by phone, chat and email at Questico AG 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to assist.