Effecting the Performance Sheet

It has been estimated 11 months for this phase, since the species Morus Alba is a plant of annual cut. As Morus Alba planting should be established as a priority. During this preparation period has been referred to Land and agricultural activities. It has been decided not to install an irrigation system in a first phase to cost issues but instead make a gravity irrigation. Which directly affect the performance Sheet. But it has been calculated that the farm has a capacity to produce crops cocoon 8 a tonne per year, initially expected to reach 4 crops of cocoons, and is expected to evolve into the second year in July.

Second Phase: This phase is planning the establishment of the silkworm, taking into account the life cycle of the species Bombyx Mori has a duration of 50 days prior to reaching harvest, which has plans to purchase and import 29 sheets of 110 eggs of Bombyx Mori, waiting thus obtaining 11 000 worms to get to produce approximately one ton of raw silk. From the first harvest is expected to maintain and increase this number. Third Phase: This phase is aimed at a possible increase after the development and performance of the company. Is expected to grow from the fifth year. VII. CONCLUSIONS After developing production costs and compare with potential gross revenues, it was determined that production costs amounted to a value of 77% in the first year. It was observed that the values of freight are responsible for the soaring costs.

In the market currently provides one kilo value between $ 1 and $ 2. Our cost of production per Kilo of raw silk is $ 13dolares. Which is led to determine that project as not viable. VIII. RECOMMENDATIONS As a recommendation we can establish that it is possible to change the activity, since production costs are high in this country and you can not deal with other producing countries. Another possibility in case of trying to persist in this activity is to try to get support from any company or entity related or dedicated to this activity and who is willing to invest capital in this country. IX. ANNEXES: Table 1. Table of Investment to perform at the Farm. TABLE OF INVESTMENT plantation establishment Morera Machinery and Equipment $ 5,787.19 $ 1,358.00 $ 54,587.00 Total Fixed Assets Investment calle2 $ 61,732.19. Table of Income from the first harvest of cocoons. TABLE OF INCOME number of units produced $ 11,000.00 Sale Price $ 1.20 Income (1st harvest) $ 13,200.00 Table 3. Schedule of Expenditures in Phase 1.