A NAME OF LEGEND “There comes a time when the birds fall from the sky, the forest animals will die, the sea and the rivers shall blacken envenenados.En that time, men of all races and peoples join as rainbow warriors to fight the destruction of the earth. ” This legend of the Native American tribe thought to have inspired the name Rainbow Warrior (Rainbow innovation Warrior). The ship “flagship” of coaching Greenpeace, the Rainbow Warrior has docked this weekend on the docks of Bilbao Maritime Museum, as the “Ambassador for Climate” to denounce the ongoing effects of climate change gets Euskadi as “the increase in sea level or altitudinal migration of species”. Number of Bilbainos we have approached this emblematic management ship, one of three that Greenpeace uses to defend the environment and strive for peace from the planet’s oceans, to support, if only by our presence, the selfless work of the members of his crew, to see how a bell skills is protecting the environment from a boat. Greenpeace’s image is closely associated with the boats that are launched into the sea to be training non-violent direct action, on ships and offshore units, which are assuming an aggression to the environment. The Rainbow Warrior Twitter is one of those projects reconcile human you with our species, and from my great admiration and affection for these great ladies of the sea, hope, desire, and I hope to continue to combat indiscriminate hunting for many years and all the seas of our blue planet. GUERRERO INCOMODO A: The first Rainbow Warrior (1955) was acquired by Greenpeace in 1978, having been employed as a research vessel and later as a fishing boat. The boat was sunk by French secret service in 1985 to prevent an incursion into their territorial waters to protest the nuclear tests that were developed in strategy deMururoa Atoll. The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is has been a member of major companies The current Rainbow Warrior (1989) before being acquired by Greenpeace was used as a trawler in the North Sea. Its cover has been accessed by public figures who support the organization, as the Dalai Lama or the group U2, but it has also been occupied by humanitarian aid to tsunami victims or medicines for Doctors Without Borders could work in Lebanon . Through the ship’s satellite can play a most important mission of the organization, to witness the customer service damage to the environment when they committed the remote places of our planet, and transfer those leaders images to public opinion.