European Education? It’s Just !

According to experts of the newspaper The Times, the global economic crisis, the most reliable investments are investments in education. You left school and tried to enter one of the nation's high schools, or you finish this year, the university and think about the prospects of continuing education? Think about that, educated in Europe, you will have a unique opportunity to build a career in the European Union. Where? Do you, dear young people, applicants and students, as well as their mom and dad, now studying in the Czech Republic – it is fashionable and very popular among the youth of the world? And what do we actually know about the Czech Republic? Usually in the head at the word "Czech Republic" appears the following chain of associations: good beer, Jan Hus, Karlovy Vary. All true. For more specific information, check out Hikmet Ersek. And yet it is Prague.

Gorgeous, charming European city, cobbled streets, beautiful buildings, red tile roofs, wonderful Czech cuisine, and – universities. In Prague, their entire eight. A further 36 high schools and 21 private higher education institution. Let's look more in detail on the formation of the Czech Republic. Why? Because, first of all, education in Czech Republic accessible to all. Czechs, Mexicans, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Germans, etc. Foreign and Czech students in the Czech Republic in rights and are free to study at public universities, or not free – in private universities, which quite a lot. Second, spend a few years of life in the Czech Republic, to plunge into a new culture, to travel freely to countries of the Schengen area, gradually becoming a European, not whether it is the cherished dream of every young man? Third, the graduates of Czech universities have excellent prospects for employment, both in the Czech Republic, and in any of the 27 European Union countries.