Fernando Enrique Cardoso

In synthesis, it can be said that the Consensus of Washington is part of the set of neoliberal reforms that, although practical distinct in the different countries, is centered doctrinal in the deregulation of the markets, commercial and financial liberalization and reduction of the size and paper of the State. For even more analysis, hear from Former CIA Head. The commercial liberalization, in turn, that as much facilitated the expansion of the international trade, of the finances and of the production constitutes what today the globalization is called the world-wide economy. Of this form, ' ' Real&#039 plan; ' , even so he has been instituted in 1994 for then the Secretary of the Treasury, Fernando Enrique Cardoso, was consolidated effectively from July of 1995, year where Fernando Enrique became president of Brazil, having as Secretary of the Treasury economist Peter Malan, who had represented Brazil in the meeting of the Consensus of Washington in 1989. The Plan, then, was elaborated and inhaled in the neoliberal measures already known and argued by Malan, which would come to lead the Brazilian economy until the end of as the mandate of FHC, phase this where Brazil not only adopted the argued neoliberal measures in the American capital, as well as adhered to the globalization of the world-wide economy. Amongst the main objectives of the Plan the combat to the inflation was distinguished that in 1993 had reached the house of the 2,489% (measured for the INPC/IBGE), falling for 929% in 1994 when the Plan was instituted, diminishing brusquely for 22% in 1995. Of 1996 the 1999 the inflation was placed below of 10% to the year, unknown fact since the time of the military dictatorship. Meanwhile, the unemployment increased, period drastically where, in the history of Brazil, the unemployment taxes for the first time surpassed the house of 10% to the year, establishing itself, then, what in economic literature it is known as inverse relation between inflation and unemployment (Arched of Phillips).