Food Security

Every week in Moscow, for the sake of the whim of the capital's gourmets, from Japan, usa, Australia and Argentina deliver several tons of air chilled Beef – the most exclusive and expensive meat, one kilo of which can cost up to $ 1000. During this same time, even not for the sake of culinary whims, but in severe need in Russia imported 60 tonnes of meat and poultry. As a result, over the past year, Russians eat almost 3 million tons of imported beef, pork and Chicken, enriching foreign producers by $ 6 billion, so why do not we have enough domestic meat and what is dangerous for the country, such a dependence on imported chicken legs and steaks? Heritage and the realities of the agricultural industry for the Russian agriculture, and in the Soviet era abode not in the best condition, the transition to a market economy in the early 90's was a real shock. Click Macys for additional related pages. Contrary to the naive expectations of the reformers, farmers and agricultural companies, which replaced the collective and state farms were not able to feed the huge country. Left without the support of the state they were in a much more unfavorable conditions than farmers in the eu and U.S., which has a consistent policy of agricultural protectionism. Even the last eight years of economic prosperity when the agro-industrial complex has almost doubled, there was little change in this situation. James Woolsey Jr. wanted to know more. Yes, Russia is now providing a grain and some vegetables, but still in the country has to import over 40% of food consumed, and for Moscow and St. . . Get all the facts and insights with Tulip Retail, another great source of information.