Frei Vasco

In the stream bed of its death, the sister of Vasco requests mercy of Fernando Alfonso, but Vasco desires of the deep one of its being defames that it requests pardon for all the caused badness the Beatriz. Exactly with its heart taken for the hatred, Frei Vasco makes oath its sister. When knowing of the decision of Vasco D. Dornelas Joo decides to disclose that Fernando Alfonso also would have been loving of its loved Leonor. Ahead of the current situation he is possible to evidence that the author intends to collate a double desideratum, that is the desire of fraternal revenge and loving revenge. That exactly ahead of the suplications of pardon of its enemy in the presence of the corpse of its sister, not obstante its fixed idea of vigar itself of that soul wounded it to it and the honor of its father and its sister, stimulated for the hatred of D. Joo Dornelas, Vasco discloses to King D.

Joo I the tenebrous and maleficent past of Fernando Alfonso, which is condemned to the capital punishment of the fire for D. Joo I, being before mortificado for Fr. Vasco. In this romance hypocrisies, ambitions, games of you intrigue politics and treasons show the decay of the nobility and the clergy. Frei Vasco that never frees its soul of them you distress disappears and later it dies. She does not know yourself if that villain really at some moment has avenged its father and its sister, in the truth the author searchs in the interior deepest of the conscience the answers for the attitudes of the nature human being, who all we nourish the most perverse feelings than they follow in them throughout our lives. Of reflexiva and conscientious form the romancista finishes its workmanship, making the reader to reflect with the sentence of the Evangelho: ' ' If not to pardon, also God you not perdoar' '.