FSF International

On the other hand, have been decided measures against tax havens by their negative effect on public finances and contribute to the development of speculative capital. With these two measures will be achieved to control the growth and development of financial assets, in a way such that it does not reach an unrestrained expansion that puts in risk the international financial system, which has such happened in the present crisis. On the other hand, as the forum for financial stability (FSF for its acronym in English), has not fulfilled the expectations, established the creation of a financial stability Board (FSB by its acronym in English), successor to the FSF which, among other things, will act as an early warning mechanism to prevent future crises. It also will support the IMF warning of macroeconomic and financial risks, and advising on the necessary measures to overcome them. As you can be seen, the FSB is born promising in terms of strengthening international financial stability. It is true that this new framework supervisor and regulator looks stronger and generally more consistent for the future financial sector. Anyway, will have to see it up and see how will fight with the pressures.

There are doubts that the economy and markets have globalised. That is why that as the current crisis must be resolved with measures at the global level. Similarly, not enough with the regulation national financial systems to control risks. We find the solution to the international financial crisis in this way? You can be avoided with new systems of regulation and supervision, the generation of new financial crises of similar magnitude or greater than the current?