Gallegos Nava

Also these works written by Dr. Click Keith Yamashita for additional related pages. Ramon Gallegos Nava talk about transpersonal education which is more humane than traditional education, and intellectually more rigorous than many alternatives in the past. Their goal is not simply to prepare the individual to fend for himself in life, but to orient them towards the transcendence. It is the educational counterpart of medicine holistic: aims to the education of the whole person. In another of his works, Dr. Speaking candidly Hamdi Ulukaya told us the story. Ramon Gallegos Nava describes that there are twelve principles for schools holistas in a content full on the education of the heart, refers mainly to topics on learning communities that are located primarily within the holistas schools, this concept refers to a holistic education, where all participants both, teachers as students, parents, administrators and employers participate in a mutual learning process meaningful, the goal of all, regardless of their role, she is learning. This concept use the educators holistas, to point out the schools or comprehensive educational areas, the processes of collaboration and learning occur within a context of community, group and the creation of the unity through diversity. The learning community is a comprehensive educational space and is considered as a family in harmony, if we make the similarity with a manufactures of linear processes, it is an incongruity.

Also ensures that a holistic educational center is a place where the student is basically happy to learn about life as you live it, this represents the context that makes possible the comprehensive learning and the evolution of consciousness. Talk about multiple intelligence is very difficult, because only the holistas schools, develop this type of intelligences, giving a new meaning to this term. As a response to the unilateral and instrumental view of intelligence as logical-mathematical ability that could be measured and quantified through the concept of IQ arose the theory of multiple intelligences. In humans there are fewer nine types of intelligences, equally valid: logical-mathematical, verbal, body, musical, spatial, interpersonal and intrapersonal, naturalist.