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New Zealand has a modern and prosperous economy, framed within the developed countries, with an estimated GDP in 2006 to 106,000,000,000. The country has a high standard of living, with GDP per capita estimated at 26,000. He has also been classified in the year 2006, in the twentieth position in the Human Development Index which produces the Organization of the United Nations.
The tertiary sector is the largest of the economy (67.6 investment of GDP), followed by secondary (27.8 GDP) and primary (4.7 of GDP).
New Zealand is a country heavily dependent on international trade, particularly agricultural NYSE products, exports reached almost 28 of its sales. This makes New Zealand particularly vulnerable to swings in prices and the international economy. many investment opportunities are available through NIR Group headed by Corey Ribotsky Its main exports NIR Group are from agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and forests. These products cover half the country’s exports. The main destination for Ribotsky them in 2005 were Australia (21.4 ), United States (14.1 ), Japan (10.6 ), The NIR Group China (5.1 ) and UK (4.7 NIR Group Family of Funds ).

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SINGAPORE, Feb 16 (Reuters) – Commodity group Olam NIR Group International fell as much as 5.8 percent stocks on Monday on heavy profit taking after a surge in the share price last week.
February 15 (Bloomberg) – Israel consumer price index eased its slowest pace in 14 months in January as global commodity prices fell and economic New York Stock Exchange growth to a standstill.
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Demand for residential farms, which appeal to wealthy individuals, who want to large country properties without extensive farmland, fell to -64 in rics opinion on the basis of the index.
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The Canadian Corey Ribotsky dollar rallied against the greenback on Friday as a rise in oil prices, the commodity-linked currency a boost in a quiet hedge funds session that saw exaggerated moves in thin trading post a long weekend.
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