Grapefruchtextrakt is also called grapefruit seed extract or grapefruit seed extract. It has an antibiotic effect and can be used for self-medication for infection with bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites are applied. For serious illnesses, however, you should consult a doctor and consult with them the necessary treatment. What a healing power in grapefruit seed lies, discovered 1980, a physician and immunologist when he noticed that these nuclei did not on its subject to the rotting compost. He suspected that they would have to contain a substance that makes the information relevant for the decay harmless germs. Today we know that works Grapefruchtextrakt against about 800 viruses and bacteria, 100 fungi and a variety of parasites. It can thus be used as a medication internally and externally to protect against pathogens, which is used in the budget for the disinfection of laundry and living area can be used in buildings with mold, is used as an antiseptic and preservative used in the cosmetics industry and in agricultureArea used as a pesticide. Grapefruchtextrakt most remarkable is that it is more effective than all the antibiotics, while much less harmful than one such. Internally applied, for example, is hardly detrimental effect on the intestinal flora, because it largely spared the lacto-and Bifidibakterien. Grapefruit seed extract can cure stomach and intestines, throat, nose and throat infections, fungal infections of the vagina, skin and nails, warts and dandruff and help with eczema and gingivitis. For internal use Grapefruchtextrakt should never pure, but always be taken diluted with water. When the external application, it behaves the same way. Here you can dilute it with water or oil.