Holidays In Croatia

Croatia has made a name for himself. Meanwhile, it is not only a popular tourist destination among insiders. Many tourists now know again the Croatian hospitality, the clearest sea of the Mediterranean and the wide range of islands, and activity opportunities to appreciate. Even for sailing the Croatian Adriatic coast offers plenty of romantic scenes and beautiful harbors. If one looks at the map of Croatia, one might think that it is curved like a sickle, consists almost entirely of coastline. The country often is forgotten or is simply not yet known to tourists. The breathtaking nature reserve and the capital Zagreb are always a worthy destination. The long coastline is so varied, as well as different. While the weather in the northern Istria Central Europe, and the flora and fauna to which he has developed accordingly, expects that travelers to Central and South Dalmatia a Mediterranean climate. Here typical Mediterranean fruits and plants grow from Kiwis on lemons, tangerines, oranges, up toOlives. But grapes grow sweet and full-bodied grapes approached. It is here, many families produce their own wine for home use does not matter whether the fish or meat, drinking wine is always welcome. Fish or meat are the main meal in Dalmatia integral part. It is unimportant whether it is morning, noon or evening. Fish is eaten either roasted or boiled. Meat, however, is very popular in all its manifestations. Dominate in Dalmatia, as well as in the rest of the Mediterranean countries, spices such as rosemary, basil and oregano. The Dalmatian cuisine is light and very Italian. Without olive oil and pasta, this would be unthinkable. The breakfast comes from rather sparse, lunch, and often easy to digest, but for dinner the big meal of the day. You can often on holiday, if you live in a homestay experience the food culture. The hosts invite their guests are happy for the common crickets in the evening. You can’t go hungry at With Dalmatian klappa music and our own red wine can then bebeautiful and typical Dalmatian spend summer evenings.