I Age, Then Existed

I age, then existed Child without hunger that I was, always in the table the rice, beans, salada and the least a piece of meat, hen or fish. Everything completed with fruits of the time comings of the fair, watermelon, mace, khaki, or even though the cashews, bananas and carambolas of the yard. Cooling, only to the week ends, it was water or orange with water and sugar, delicious ' ' laranjada' '. Reflecting above all this, it today worries me the scaling of ' ' consumption, then existo' '. Yes, because today the child already is born with logomarcas tatuadas in the body. Of the one to see Nestl, tatuado in the belly and Johnson? s in bumbum. Soon after, there per the three years, Windows in the forehead. Later, to the twelve or thirteen years, McDonald? s in the chin and Nike in the heel.

E then, to the eighteen years, supreme accomplishment: Volkswagen, Ford, Chevrolet, on the back of the two hands and in the brain, the neural tattooing, this yes, each time more en vogue in the cruelty of merchandising! Here, a festival of new habits, acquired of the common sense of ' ' consumption, then existo' '. Citing Frei Betto: ' ' The capitalism in such way desumaniza, that already we are not only consuming, also we are consumed. The symbolic merchandises coat that me and goods surround that me are that they determine my value social' '. Or Scrates, still taking a walk for the commerce of Atenas, when assediado for the salesmen it answered: ' ' I am only observing quanta thing exists of that not necessary being feliz.' ' The bond of the mediation in the consumption relations was lost, that had today become impersonal. It is the virtual commerce, for the simple act to consume.

In the supermarket, the gondolas, alone, cold, discarding the presence human being. Long ago, in she would mercearia, the fair, the sales was preceded for the human contact, creating bonds that if harmonized and constituam the relationship circles. In net, the purchases without raising of the chair, comfort, necessity of the product? He is ' ' clico, then existo' ' , or ' ' Google, then meeting millions of things that I do not want, nor preciso' '. I, almost dinossauro that I am, continue to eat banana with rice and beans, therefore I know accurately of where I came clearly and for where I do not want to go. I am and still I exist, thus same