Importance of Keywords

As is well known search engines are positive about headlines Therefore, the title is necessary to use keywords. Tag is the most important title. That's how it looks: ZagolovokKak see text enclosed in such a tag is allocated a large bold font, and even after the closing tag </ h1> is a line break and there are unwanted otstupy.Kak be used if the tag does not fit well into your design? How to change the Normal Font-weight: bold – font-style: bold Margin: 0px – Away from the top left corner of the cell Padding: 0px – padding inside the cell from all edges, produces nearly the same effect as the margin and if you do not need a newline it is necessary to the above listed, add the following: Display: inline Usually cascading style sheets are stored in a separate file and attached to the site following obrazom. tags prescribes the following line: "But you can attach a style created by us and .