Importance Of Knowing The Competition

is vital for the survival and growth of an enterprise of any type or genre that is knowing the maximum possible direct or indirect competitors for the purpose of constantly improving and in every respect as we offer, hence at points of sales with consumers and in the very fabric of our competitors we must try to get as deeply and widely as possible to any potential move or strategy that our competitors bring to market the plan to neutralize us, and clearly better in order to fortify our market position. For this is within our reach a good number of tools such as our sales, promotion and sales and marketing staff, with solid natural preparations of loyalty, love and mystical by our own company so that our human resource extract get valuable information without exposing slightest risk to our company or what it atanente. Here plays an important value, the constant update of middle and high, strengthened by some fresh information regarding everything we produce, promote or sell. Jair Felipe Mantilla Santamaria Ricardo Salcedo Carlomario Yezid Emilio Suarez Castillo Hurtado