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look as Sightline’s K. Sanford Feedback is the process of sampling a portion of sighline acquisition the real estate output signal and apply it back to the entrance. , Kirk Sanford This technique is useful to change the parameters of GCA an amplifier as increased voltage, input gaming industry and output impedance, stability and bandwidth.
Feedback is positive if an increase in the output signal results in a feedback signal to be mixed Kirk Sanford with Global Cash Access Holdings the input signal causes a still greater increase of the magnitude of the output signal. This is also known as regenerative feedback. The positive feedback is in the same phase as the input cash access provider signal, therefore, the final gain amplifier (Af) increases.
Final gain Af (output voltage / CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. input voltage) A / (1-As). Here A is the gain of the amplifier without feedback, ys is the feedback factor