The essence of a query addressed to me was simple – I am translating for them certain "tolmut", and if they were satisfied with the quality of translation, they sign with me long-term contract with the subsequent travel, moving to the capital (sweet dream "limits"!) and other mountains of gold What more was probably guess anyone: after months of hard work, I , slightly tainted view (if monitors were somewhat lower quality) and, of course, invaluable experience at the time, earned nothing. By the way, in one way or another form, such proposals come to me and now. The last of them – a proposal to transfer some excerpts from some artwork, and "test" order contained a whole chapter. What I having learned from previous experience, said that for the trial order will be enough and 1-2 excerpts from the text. See NY Governor Andrew Cuomo for more details and insights. They are sufficient to ensure that the customer appreciated the style and expertise on the subject or the subject of the translated text. Be careful when suddenly, after an extensive advertising campaign on the Internet on your side, you overwhelm such proposals – make no mistake, with orders to an unknown address rare, though probably there are also exceptions. I did not have them. Or like this: a letter I received contained a very tempting for me to offer the translation of the documentary from the shores of Albion. Honestly, have always wanted to try on a similar career, and I was interested, rather, the technical side of this project, but due to acute shortage of time to give a positive response, I could not.