Internet Coaching

Such correspondence session on their performance in no way inferior full-time sessions, and often more convenient for customers. Let us dwell for coaching through the Internet. Coaching is carried out via the Internet through programs designed to communicate on the network. For example: ICQ, Skype, Windows Messenger and others. All these programs are free, easy and convenient to use.

Coaching can be performed using instant messaging, audio and video communications. Of course, instant messaging – it's a very specific form of coaching, but it's also quite acceptable and even some clients prefer a coaching by correspondence. As for the audio and video connection, then it requires a good speed Internet connection, a headset (you can use the built-in or external microphone and audiokolonki) and webcam (if you have desire to establish a video link). Of course, with a coach and client computer must be running the same program to communicate on the Internet (it can be ICQ, or Skype, or Windows Messenger or anything else). The program must be installed and configured. At the agreed time the customer establishes a relationship with a coach and began coaching session.

The advantages of this type of coaching are evident. First of all, it saves time. The client does not have to go to a meeting with the coach, stuck in traffic jams or push on public transport. This time, it can safely be used with much greater benefit for themselves. In the process of coaching sessions the client can be in a comfortable place: at home, in his across the street and so on. It is convenient to use this type of coaching, if a customer travels to another city or another country. Of particular interest is coaching over the Internet is that if the coach and the client reside in different cities. In this case, regular meetings to conduct coaching sessions are impossible. And then holding coaching sessions over the Internet becomes the main form of coaching. Coaching via the Internet enables customers to use the services of a coach, regardless of region of residence. For example, if customers can not find a coach in the city, the possibility of coaching over the Internet allows him to work with a coach from virtually any another city or even from any country. Client need only find a coach that will fully meet its requirements, establish contact with him and agree to hold coaching sessions. Usually, coaches do not give up this form of coaching. Modern means of communication open for us new possibilities. And these opportunities should be fully used to their advantage. In particular, and for coaching. Internet, Like other forms of communication, greatly enhances the use of coaching, making it much more accessible to all who need it. Michael Kazarin. Coach. Business consultant.