Interwall Receives Design

Just gelaunchtes portal was in the development phase with regard to design and usability of Interwall accompanied after more than nine months of work is managed to the sports community mysporty with the approach of challenge yourself and your community”is launched as a beta version in been. offered the challenge to create a complex and multifaceted concept in a very short time and to bring this in close collaboration with designers and programmers to life”so Katharina Meiners, when inter wall for design and user experience design responsible. The community that cooperates with the German sports University in Cologne, focuses athletes who want to challenge themselves and their friends athletic and one simply need to use the base of their clubs, for the presentation of the team and for the support of the training operation on sports actively and passively, for example training plans, the presence also possible injury and questions about exercises and training. In Munich seated and belongs to the international sports radar group mysporty Swiss AG commissioned area inter wall until the current launch of the website with the entire design and user experience design. The very extensive to the successful start of tasks aimed at including the integration of the theme challenge, because this represents a key component in the sport. Interwall had worked out clearly the best approach in a pitch against three other reputable agencies with a coherent design and could employ in this field also in the joint cooperation to launch again for mysporty profitably the competence”so the Christian Breuer of mysporty. With the launch of the portal in the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, also the first professional athlete from the areas are Marathon, football, handball, Marathon, and table tennis which cooperate with mysporty in the community built around the Exchange with the users to allow. In the coming months the community is gradually expanded further in terms of content and the more emphasis Dr. Sporty”will further be enlarged together with the professional competence of the German sport University. For the future, the already launched cooperation with brand manufacturers and the integration of mysporty into their own offerings are an important field in which first successfully completed have been achieved. Within the next few months, the expansion of the portal in other European markets will be quickly internationally to address a wide layer of users.