Italian Espresso

In this case, and pots, and the press, and Hot Spring coffee very time-consuming and does not make life easier. But the electric drip coffee maker or machine for the espresso – it's an excellent option, saving you time and effort. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages, so the choice here depends on your personal preferences. Drip in the Republic of Belarus first appeared drip coffee maker. Sometimes referred to as filtration.

Their work is quite simple. Milled coffee beans are placed in a special filter (it can be made of paper or metal), located inside the funnel placed over a glass or ceramic container for the finished beverage. Cold water is poured into another container, in which it is brought to a boil and gradually droplet enters the funnel. This is the essence of the "drip" method. Initially, such models are not very fast process, but today most manufacturers switched to an accelerated method that allows make coffee in minutes. Capacity for the finished beverage produced from various materials – plastics, glass and ceramics. Many manufacturers include in their models the opportunity to put a pot of coffee in microwave.

Main advantages of coffee – they are easy to use and such coffee makers can be bought quite cheaply. The second type of device – is "espresso". Contrary to popular belief, do not call it because of the speed of coffee, but because the essence of the method – cooking under pressure. Incidentally, the first coffee "espresso" was a mechanical, invented it in 1901, the Italian engineer Luigi Bitstsera. Feed pressure with a special lever that had to be lowered manually. And here are the first semi-automatic models have appeared only in 1947. Buy coffee "espresso" can be not only the birthplace of this remarkable invention, but also in our country. True, those who want to buy this model, it is worth considering a few important points. First of all, for espresso, you need to buy coffee especially finely ground (usually indicated on the packaging). In addition, coffee espresso are two basic types, the advantages of each of them can talk a long time. However, experts say that for home use are more suitable so-called Steam-Espresso. However, temperatures in these aged less than in more expensive, but more sophisticated and Pump-Espresso, with an electromagnetic pump. Some manufacturers produce combined machines, basically a coffee maker "2 1, combining the best features of drip machines and devices such as "espresso". Our online store offers the widest range of quality espresso machines of all types. Let your every morning will begin with a small taste of the holiday!