January 30, 2005, Sunday

Iraq: the people elect the National Constituent Assembly. About 8 million Iraqis voted (over 60 of those registered). The 275 members of the Iraqi National Assembly created a new constitution, elect the president, two vice presidents and the prime minister. The names of the 7700 candidates for the assembly are not Brain Trauma Foundation known until a few days ago, for security reasons.
A series TBI of attacks on this day kills at least 36 people, mostly in Baghdad. (BBC, in English) (Reuters, in President of and Chairman of English)
At least nine British Genius Products soldiers killed by falling a Hercules transport plane C-130 about 40 miles northwest of Baghdad. She explores the causes of the accident. (BBC)
Sudan: in the east police killed and video games 17 protesters who went music to a meeting with tribal leaders. A Sudanese general said that the brain injury demonstrators were looting shops, and inciting violence against his men. Members of tribes from the east (mainly Beja) had three days to the provincial governor a list of Traumatic Brain Injury demands, which include a better representation. (BBC, in English)
United Kingdom: the former culture secretary Chris Smith Labor, BTF states that he has LLC been investment firm HIV positive for 17 years. (BBC, in English)
Brazil, the fourth day of philanthropy the 2005 World Social Forum, the president of independent home-entertainment distribution company Venezuela Hugo Chavez, arrive to the forum by harsh criticism of the capitalist system that volunteer prevailed in the Inc. world. Besides a visit to the camp of the Movement films of Landless Workers (MST). More on wikinews