Leah Remini was

Leah Remini was born in Bensonhurst (Brooklyn), New York. Her father George Remini, owner of an asbestos company and originally from Sicily, not to be confused with George Remini, the Gambino crime family capo on. Her mother Vicki Marshall, previously director of the institute and later owned a restaurant , is Jewish and Austrian original. His parents divorced in 1977. Remini has an older sister, Nicole Remini (born 1969) who was his assistant on The King of Queens. It also has four sisters: Christina (born 1969 ), Elizabeth (born 1976), Stephanie (born 1977) and Shannon (born 1984). Shannon has acted on Leah’s show playing a character named Desiree. Remini moved to Los Angeles at the age of 13. Tried fitting into her new neighborhood by imitating the look and style of the local Mexican-American culture. When Remini was 14, she left school against the advice of her mother.His mother told him that would be fine did not exceed the school provided they succeed in life. At the beginning of their working life, Remini had a variety of jobs such as waitress, car insurance salesperson, telemarketing to solar heating company. On 19 July 2003 married Angelo Pagan, a musician and aspiring actor who has three children from a previous relationship. He was a documentary of the wedding at the VH1 series Inside Out. On 16 June 2004, Remini had a daughter he named Sofia Bella. This event also appeared in the documentary Inside Out: Leah Remini the Baby Special. Remini height is 1.60 meters tall, and their weight varied after giving birth, a fact lamented in an episode of Fat Actress. Remini gained weight when she became pregnant during the middle of the season The King of Queens, but lost weight and be thin again for the show’s ninth and final season.