Legal Meaning

The term “corporation” is of Latin origin and was originally denotes the union, union, partnership. Currently, this term has an ambiguous interpretation. Ukrainian legislation treats the term “Corporation” as follows: it is a contractual association established on the basis of compounds of industrial, scientific and commercial interest to the delegation of certain powers of centralized regulation of each of the parties 1. Let us turn to the sources of the rights of individual countries in order to analyze the concept of “corporation” 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Results are presented in Table 1. This analysis led to the conclusion that the main features of the corporation in accordance with prevailing international practice are: a) legislative regulation of the activity, and b) the operation by combining the capital, c) the presence of participants in the relationship property components, and d) no need for participants to take part personally in the management, and e) the presence of members of limited liability and e) obtaining material benefits from the participants of the corporation. Table 1 – Analysis of the use of the term “corporation” in various legal systems, the continental legal system (France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine, etc.) The Anglo-Saxon legal system (UK, USA) The prevalence of the term The term itself is rarely used in the legislation, the term is used mainly in scientific sources This term is widely distribution and is actually used as a synonym for entity types of corporations broad interpretation of the term.