Light-Box – The Most Popular Type Of Outdoor Advertising

Light boxes, as well as light boxes – a popular form of outdoor advertising, which is used as signboards of shops, cafes and beauty salons. Light box – a box, on the one side is deposited or company name promotional information. This box is illuminated from within. Usually used to illuminate the fluorescent lights. This article will review the stages of production unit and a light box. If you make out of box separately, we can see that it consists of sledyuschuih parts: power rack, which is the basis for the design, side panels, rear panel with lighting equipment, the front side and a backlight. Let's talk about each part separately.

Frame, the frame of advertising design. Production of a light box begins with the manufacture of the frame. The basis for the frame are metal tubes of different cross sections that are joined together by Welding or using bolts. After production of an advertising structure, all welds thoroughly cleaned, prepared himself to painting frame, primed and painted with paint with the selection of the desired color. The sides of the light boxes.

The lateral surface of the light boxes are made of different materials. The materials are selected depending on the size, characteristics, places of light construction. The basis material for the sides – the steel sheet. Of the sheet metal is a profile that covers the sides of the box. Side panels are made of steel painted or paste film. Just in the process making possible the use of aluminum profile. In these sections many advantages: good looks, quick assembly and disassembly, so that – fast replacement of advertising. The front side of light boxes. The front side of the box is placed advertising. For this use of translucent plastic. Depending on the aims and objectives, you can use different types of plastic. Typically used polycarbonate, acrylic glass, as well as polistirol.Naibolee popular of these types of plastic – polycarbonate. It has a low cost but high reliability and strength. Highlighting the advertising field. For illumination advertising signs are most commonly used fluorescent lamps. Lamps have different characteristics, have different sizes and intensity of the glow. To get the bright lights – need to properly dispose lamp. For the best light output, the image, it is best to use the lamp cold svecheniya.Tak there are other, modern light sources: LEDs, neon.Glavny lack these newfangled bulbs – they value. However, they have many advantages: bright light, long life, small size, which allows them to place a non-standard designs. It remains to hope that this information will be useful to you when choosing a light boxes.