Loan Officers – Officials Credit

The principle of secure income for life, has led officials of various banks and insurance companies to provide tailored specifically to this group loans. The absence of risk of repayment on the classification of job guarantee is particularly low, thus receive official also very cheap credit. Both a consumer credit as well as a real estate financing is made possible as a so-called loan officers. This is the long-term employment in the public service requirement for this special financing option. First, buying insurance is to borrow against it then for the loan officer again. It is preferred generally a life insurance or an annuity. The sum insured represents the upper limit for the amount of the loan amount dar. by officials during the term of the loan, the insurance premium and pay the interest. After the expiry of the insurance granted by the officials with the benefits of the loan willInsurance eradicated. Any berschussbeteiligungen remaining after separation of the loan officers are paid to the officials. Another advantage is that the agreed interest rate during the entire term of the loan officers will remain the same. The net monthly salary of civil servants is to determine the insured amount of importance. If you choose this financing option, you can schedule a sum assured of around 20 times net monthly salary. This amount is then also the potential loan. – Credit schufafrei initial cost of course without securing the lender off even with a loan officer. Normally, this takes the form of a “silent salary assignment”. However, it is taken only in cases where the insurance premiums payable and interest are not paid. Credit schufafrei – Offer free.