Love Aaj Kal (2009)

Duration: 130 minutes Genre: Romance, drama, comedy Directed by: Imtiaz Ali, and written by Imtiaz Ali Cast: Saif Ali Khan (Jai Vardhan Singh), Deepika Padukone (Meera Pandit), Rishi Kapoor (Veer Singh), Neetu Singh (Harlan). Plot synopsis: Jai and Meera are separate boyfriends and decide to continue with their careers incompatible, although they are still loving.While Meera Jai tries to forget to get on with life, Veer will tell how it handled the affairs of the heart at the time and show that basically nothing has changed. Story and Screenplay (4 / 5): Imtiaz Ali returns to the fray with another predominantly romantic film, the former was successful and very successful “Jab We Met”. This film leaves you with the same good feeling to finish, a light heart and a sweet taste, although less than before. Good dialogue, believable. The story does focus on an evil of our times: the lack of commitment. It is told in two parts, one set in the present and another in flashback, and in both the protagonist is Saif (in one as Jai and the other as the younger version of Veer). Deepika instead has a double role as her co-star (obviously, he is the producer!). Some scenes could be shortened (ie the bar when cut) without much harm to the story. Beautiful locations in London, San Francisco and Delhi. Performances (4 / 5): Rishi Kapoor steals every scene in which she appears, her character is so likable, and even more so when he tells the love story of their youth. Saif well in his dual role, and Deepika who increasingly prefer. Neetu Singh is a surprise, enlighten her scenes though hardly speaks. Interesting Brazilian actress makes Saif’s new girlfriend, the pilots but does not speak a word of Hindi. Choreography and music (4 / 5): A pure Pritam, the maker of hits. Reggaeton-inspired tunes, some bhangra, lots of percussion, an appealing melange. Bolly choreography well as in the court hiperpromocionado Twist The best: Deepika, contrary to what critics thought, shows that you can mourn. The worst: Saif is increasingly metrosexual in a bad way, would you have grabbed the viejazo In short: People very cool. Final rating: 8 / 10